Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Prints: My Closet

I hope you found some great items while searching your closet for prints!

I found geometric prints and floral patterns in my closet.  One of good friends gave me this beautiful rose-print blouse (A. Byer) as a birthday gift.

This blue and black geometric-patterned blouse (Merona, from Target) needs to be handwashed and then twisted into two knots to dry.  When my husband found out, he said my laundry was too complicated.  It probably is!

When I was just starting to date my husband, I found this dress (kensiegirl) at the mall.  I didn't want to spend the money for it at the time, but I showed it to him.  That same day, he went back to the mall and bought it for me as a Christmas present!

My mom gave me this hypnotic-patterned scarf.

What prints did you find in your closet?  Share in the comment section!

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