Friday, April 15, 2011

Mind the Gap: Boosting Your Wardrobe

As I mentioned in a previous post, sometimes adding one clothing item to your closet can fill a major gap in your wardrobe.  This addition can give you opportunities to wear favorite clothing items that normally make their home in the deep recesses of your closet.

To determine which clothing items might boost your wardrobe, pull out those favorite items that looked awesome in the store but seemed like misfits once you brought them home and tried to wear them.  Look for a common theme among them.  For example, I have a few dressy shirts that included black in their patterns.

Pair these clothes with other items from your closet and try to determine why the outfits don't work.  In my case, jeans looked ok but weren't dressy enough to pull the outfits together.  Because my dress pants were gray, they didn't match.  One of the shirts flared, and I didn't like the double-flare-effect of the shirt and skirt together.

The goal is to eliminate what doesn't work so you can brainstorm other options.  Getting a second opinion from a friend or browsing through fashion magazines can also give you ideas.  You might discover that the best item to buy is not something you would normally shop for.  After trying on the flared shirt with jeans, I thought that dressy black capris would complement it much better.  Additionally, they would match other shirts in my closet.  I had never considered buying black capris before because I usually prefer white or colorful clothes.

Once you've decided which items will fill the gaps, it's time to go shopping.  Or, at least time to put the items on a wish list!  I went to Charlotte Russe yesterday in search of dressy black capris, and I found them.  Plus I bought two shirts that will go with them.  Now I own at least five shirts that match the capris.

Blouse, Merona, from Target

Blouse, A. Byer

Black capris, Charlotte Russe

One clothing item can make quite a difference to your wardrobe!  Go ahead and try this method, then tell us your results!

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