Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Brights: Fashioned

You've pulled your bright bubblegum and jewel-colored clothing from your closet.  Now what?  If you have the right pieces, you can simply put a few together and head out the door.  However, your raw material might not lend itself to combos in the same color family or the same style.  In that case, you'll need to get more creative and modify the trend to suit your wardrobe.

For an easy modification, start with a monochromatic outfit and bring in other colors with accessories.  I added a bright pink scarf and blue belt to a jewel-tone dress.  Note that the pieces can be patterned as long as one color stands out, like the pink in my scarf.  Unless your shoes are one of your colorful accessories, a neutral pair will polish off the look.  (Dress, Merona, from Target; shoes, Predictions, from Payless; scarf and belt, unknown.)

For another easy modification, substitute bright white for one of the pops of color.  I don't own shorts in a bubblegum color, so I put white shorts with a purple shirt and pink flip flops.  I still got a bright look, but I didn't need to go shopping!  To accessorize, choose colors that match your outfit for a streamlined appearance.  (Shirt, lace-trim cami, and shorts, Charlotte Russe; flip flops, Old Navy; bracelet, KappAhl.)

What bright outfits did you fashion from your closet?

Besides the latest trends, I also want to let you know about three Fashion Your Closet updates:
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