Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Business: My Closet

I seem to have gotten lucky when it comes to this spring's business trend.  One key factor in the trend is a monochromatic look, and I found five gray/black items in my closet.

This silk blouse (Paul Harris Design) fits the fluid look shown by Bottega Veneta.

I also found a gray sweater vest (Cherokee)...

...gray dress shorts (Charlotte Russe)...

...my new black capris (Charlotte Russe)...

...and gray dress pants (Express).

What business attire did you find in your closet?

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring Trend: Business

This week, we'll focus on the spring trend of business attire.  Designers showed many variations of this trend, including futuristic designs and satin pieces, but a monochromatic look was the common theme.

Look through your closet for pieces that fit this trend, and come back tomorrow to share what you found!

Do you enjoy wearing business attire?

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Bohemia: From the Runway

A few simple ideas from the runway can brighten your bohemian outfits.

Hats added flair to bohemian runway looks.  Be inspired by Marc Jacobs and Maurizio Pecoraro by wearing a straw hat in black, gold, or a bold color.

For a feminine addition to your outfit, accesorize with flowers.  Try wearing them in your hair or at your waist, as shown by Marc Jacobs, or add them to a choker, as seen at Maurizio Pecoraro's runway show.  I made a choker by attaching a flower clip (Colleen, Clever Nesting) to a ribbon.

If you have a bohemian-style skirt or dress, wear it with a belt for a runway look shown by Salvatore Ferragamo and Etro.

Do you have straw hats and flower accessories in your closet?

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bohemia: Fashioned

Now that you've pulled your bohemian clothes from your closet, let's have fun fashioning some outfits!

If you have a printed top, like my peasant blouse, you can pair it with wide leg jeans for a casual look.  I substituted boot cut jeans because they still have a bit of flare.  To finish off the look, add platform sandals and jewelry made from beads or natural materials.  (Blouse and lace-trim cami, Charlotte Russe; jeans, Mossimo; sandals, Candie's; necklace, unknown; ring, unknown, from Uganda.)

In the photos Elle showed as examples of the bohemian trend, Marc Jacobs put together a striped sweater, dressy pants, and platform sandals.  You can try a similar look if you have a striped sweater.  Modify your outfit to match the clothes in your closet, such as wearing peep-toe heels if you don't have platform sandals in the right color.  (Sweater and bead bracelet, Charlotte Russe; pants, Express; shoes, Payless; wrap-around bead bracelet, handmade gift.)

Now it's your turn to fashion some outfits!  Write about your bohemian style in the comment section.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bohemia: My Closet

Did you find bohemian clothes in your closet?  Here's what I found in mine.

One of my friends recently gave this peasant blouse (Charlotte Russe) to me.  I think she's convinced that my true style is bohemian.

When I was dating my now-husband, he took me shopping at Charlotte Russe.  I found a few shirts I liked and then let him choose which one to buy.  He liked this sweater, and I pulled it out of my closet because of its blousy construction and also because Marc Jacobs included striped sweaters in his spring collection.

I found this skirt (American Eagle) at a thrift store when I was shopping for long skirts to wear on a trip to Uganda.

These jeans (refuge from Charlotte Russe) are great!  Unfortunately (or fortunately?) they're too big for me to wear now.

Speaking of clothes that don't fit, these brown pants (Be Bop from Charlotte Russe) are also too large, but that was my fault for buying the wrong size just so I could have a new outfit.  I learned my lesson.  It's not fun having cute clothes I can't wear!

These dark grey dress pants (Express) fit well, plus they're comfortable.

What did you find in your closet?  Comment below!

Tomorrow we'll start fashioning outfits based on the bohemian trend!

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring Trend: Bohemia

The mismatched prints, layers, and boldness of the Bohemian style fascinate me.  However, this spring's take on bohemia showcases muted colors and focuses on one-tone and single-print attire.  Look in your closet for peasant blouses, wide-leg pants, and long, flowing skirts.  Even if your clothing items fit better into the bold bohemia category, pull them out because you can tone them down with other pieces.

Come back tomorrow to share your finds!

Which do you prefer wearing - bold colors or muted tones?

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Punk: From the Runway

Fashioning your clothes into a punk outfit takes only a small collection of basic pieces, one or two extras to liven the look, and a bit of creativity.  Let the runways lead you...

Balmain showed my favorite punk look of the designer collections I perused.  I interpreted the collection as all-American punk with a hint of glam.  To fashion the trend from your closet, start with skinny jeans or short jean shorts.  Add a red, blue, or flag-inspired shirt, then top off the look with pointy shoes for the jeans or ripped black tights and boots for the shorts.  You can also wear a jacket with this outfit.  For my Balmain-inspired punk look, I ripped a few holes in black tights and added black boots.  (Tights, Sheer Elegance; boots, Mudd; denim skirt, So Wear It Declare It; shirt, XOXO.)

Balmain's collection also contained some shiny and glittery pieces.  You can work these into your outfit through accessories, like shoes, belts, and jewelry.  (Shoes, Fabulosity from JCPenney; belt, unknown.)

If you own a leather jacket, follow Burberry Prorsum's example and wear it with a short, ruffled dress.  Other elements from this collection that you might find in your closet include snakeskin, leopard print, and bright clutches and belts.

Now it's your turn to get creative with the clothes in your closet.  Fashion some punk outfits, and come back and share your creations!

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Punk: Fashioned

As I mentioned in my previous post, you won't find the clothes in my closet leaning toward the punk style.  However, if you're like me, you can still enjoy wearing a toned down version of this trend.

You can build upon a basic tee with leggings, a denim mini-skirt, a jacket with an attitude, and converse-style shoes.  (White v-neck tee and leggings, Mossimo; jacket, Charlotte Russe; denim skirt, So Wear It Declare It; shoes, Fabulosity from JCPenney.)

If you wear skinny jeans, you can pair them with a basic tee.  I added my Fabulosity shoes to this outfit, but shiny black combat boots worn with a dark-colored tee would give you an edgier look.  (V-neck tee, Stranded from Target; skinny jeans, Mossimo; shoes, Fabulosity from JCPenney.)

How punk is your style on a scale of 1-10?  I think mine might be a 2!

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Punk: My Closet

My personality, and my clothes, don't lean toward a punk attitude, but I still found a couple of not-so-rough-around-the-edge punk items in my closet.

The first item is a basic white v-neck tee by Mossimo.  This is probably my favorite t-shirt in my closet because of its amazing fit.

Some trends need to stick around for a couple of years for me to warm up to them.  As a tried and true "boot cut" gal, I never thought I'd buy skinny jeans.  I tried them on and thought they looked funny.  A few months later, I tried them on again and still thought they looked funny.  But then I pulled on faux-fur ankle boots over the skinny jeans, and the magic happened.  Skinny jeans (Mossimo), meet my closet.

What punk clothing items did you find in your closet?

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Trend: Punk

This week, we'll take a turn away from feminine fashions to focus on the punk trend.  Punk covers a wide variety of styles, so search your closet for skinny jeans, leather and studded items, and tomboy pieces.  Also look for deconstructed clothing, which has an unfinished or pieced-together look.  For a visual on deconstructed clothes, check out this punk look in Balmain's spring collection.  Come back tomorrow to tell us what punk items you found in your closet!

Do you gravitate more toward feminine or punk styles?

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