Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bohemia: My Closet

Did you find bohemian clothes in your closet?  Here's what I found in mine.

One of my friends recently gave this peasant blouse (Charlotte Russe) to me.  I think she's convinced that my true style is bohemian.

When I was dating my now-husband, he took me shopping at Charlotte Russe.  I found a few shirts I liked and then let him choose which one to buy.  He liked this sweater, and I pulled it out of my closet because of its blousy construction and also because Marc Jacobs included striped sweaters in his spring collection.

I found this skirt (American Eagle) at a thrift store when I was shopping for long skirts to wear on a trip to Uganda.

These jeans (refuge from Charlotte Russe) are great!  Unfortunately (or fortunately?) they're too big for me to wear now.

Speaking of clothes that don't fit, these brown pants (Be Bop from Charlotte Russe) are also too large, but that was my fault for buying the wrong size just so I could have a new outfit.  I learned my lesson.  It's not fun having cute clothes I can't wear!

These dark grey dress pants (Express) fit well, plus they're comfortable.

What did you find in your closet?  Comment below!

Tomorrow we'll start fashioning outfits based on the bohemian trend!

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