Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Punk: My Closet

My personality, and my clothes, don't lean toward a punk attitude, but I still found a couple of not-so-rough-around-the-edge punk items in my closet.

The first item is a basic white v-neck tee by Mossimo.  This is probably my favorite t-shirt in my closet because of its amazing fit.

Some trends need to stick around for a couple of years for me to warm up to them.  As a tried and true "boot cut" gal, I never thought I'd buy skinny jeans.  I tried them on and thought they looked funny.  A few months later, I tried them on again and still thought they looked funny.  But then I pulled on faux-fur ankle boots over the skinny jeans, and the magic happened.  Skinny jeans (Mossimo), meet my closet.

What punk clothing items did you find in your closet?

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