Thursday, March 24, 2011

Eastern Influence: Thrifted

I browsed through the clothing racks at a couple of local thrift stores in search of Eastern-inspired apparel.

In one store, I came across a few satin-like shirts.  Although nothing in the cuts seemed particularly Eastern-inspired, I thought the fabric went with the theme.  (Shirts, east5th.)

And, for those working in the medical field - scrubs!  (Shirt, los angeles rose.)

Overall, I thought Eastern-inspired clothing was difficult to find in local thrift stores, but I only visited two stores.  I'll keep up the search and post an update of my finds near the end of Spring.

I had a lot of fun trying to find Spring trends in the thrift stores.  I also took home a nautical-striped short-sleeve sweater, a Moroccan shirt, and a mystery item I'll show you next week for an upcoming giveaway!

How have your thrift store adventures turned out?  Have you taken home any great items?  Leave comments below!

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