Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eastern Influence: Fashioned

Are you ready to put together some outfits based on the Eastern items in your closet?  I think creating ensembles is even more fun than raiding my closet for current trends.  For this post, I started with the Eastern clothing items highlighted in my previous post and added other clothing items and accessories.

Because the Chinese skirt had a dressy feel, I chose to pair it with a lace shirt.  Beads and sparkles on the necklace, bracelets, and shoes jazzed up the outfit.  (Lace shirt, cami, and bracelets, Charlotte Russe; skirt, unknown, from China; necklace, unknown, from Hawai'i; shoes, Touch Ups, my wedding shoes!)

The dress with the Eastern-inspired overlay only needed shoes and accessories.  The necklace and bracelet brought some shine to the outfit, and the sparkly high heels polished off the look.  (Dress and overlay, unknown; necklace, New York & Company; bracelet, unknown, from Target; shoes, Valerie Stevens.)

I also wanted to create a casual look with the overlay, but I couldn't find anything in my closet that worked well.  How would you style the overlay for a casual look?

What Eastern-inspired ensembles did you put together from your closet?  Leave comments below!

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